Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ham-sta (Peppery lemony creamy ham pasta)

This is my favorite week day pasta recipe. Really easy, quick, and tasty for when you can't think of anything else, and might want some leftovers the next day. I learned it from one of my roommates during my junior year abroad in Exeter and have been making it at least once a month since. Mess around with the recipe as you please. I now add a lot of the spice at the end (on my plate) instead of the beginning 'cause Eeva didn't like it burning her mouth. Ingredients: 2 thick cut ham steaks, 1 cup cream, 1 lemon, 1 lb fusilli, red pepper flakes, olive oil, salt (for the pasta water).  Salt and set pasta water to boil. Cube ham. Put olive oil in skillet and heat. Add pepper and red pepper flakes to taste. Cook for a minute and add cubed ham. Cook the ham 'til nicely brown. Then squeeze half the lemon over the ham. Cook until the liquid has disappeared then add cream. About this time the water should be coming to a boil. Add the fusilli and cook until al dente. When cream has started to thicken squeeze on the other half o' lemon. Leave on a minute more so sauce will re-thicken. Mix sauce with pasta and spice up with pepper and red pepper flakes to taste.

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