Thursday, May 26, 2016

Braised Duck Wings

From time to time I buy a couple of ducks at Costco because I have a longing for duck confit. As a reward I get the breasts too. I have been making stock with the carcass including the wings. This last time I decided to cook the wings separately and the results were a delicious way to enjoy the wings. Unfortunately I did not measure any of the ingredients.

Braised Duck Wings
For the broth:
     Cover 2 duck carcasses with water. Add a large carrot and an onion and simmer until you have a
     rich stock.
For the wings:
     Brown the wings from 2 ducks, add the duck broth, a generous amount of soy sauce, sesame oil,              
     mirin, 1 tsp five spice, and some ginger (fresh or powdered) and simmer covered until the wings
     are tender.
Pull the meat off the wings, cook some noodles, and serve the meat and noodles with the broth.